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Back to the future

The Challenge

Come up with a campaign concept to attract users to Whim and specifically subscribe to various HSL tickets, at a time when people are not moving around as much as previously. 

Whim – Autumn campaign, 2020

The first COVID-19 year when people were still adapting to the new situation and had stopped moving around too much we still had to figure out a way to attract those that had to keep moving to find the Whim app for their mobility needs. Our concept focused on safety and convenience. Whim is the app of the future available now with which you can move safely, smoothly and sustainably. Other focus was to generate trust by showing more well known brands that we have as partners available through Whim, good store ratings, and familiar Avainlippu and Design from Finland symbols.

My role:

Visual campaign concept together with our CMO, Art direction, graphic design 


Motion design:

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