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Earth Elemental

Entry for Character Design Challenge, July, 2021

BRIEF “Since the day the interdimensional portal now known as the Great Portal was discovered and accidentally opened by the scientists of Area 66, the terrifying forces of the Void have engulfed the entire planet and destroyed most of its inhabitants and resources. These terrifying beings seem to be made of pure chaos and everything they touch gets completely annihilated. Despite the best efforts and sacrifices of people from all over the world, no weapon seems to be powerful enough to challenge this threat: humanity seems to be doomed. But not all is lost yet! In the time of most desperate need, an ancient temple is discovered in Antarctica. Inside one of its secret chambers, powerful artifacts that grant the power to summon mighty elemental creatures are discovered. These creatures refer to themselves as The Guardians. Will their power be able to stop the forces of the Void, and finally restore peace and order on Earth?...”

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