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Mushroom warrior

Entry for character design challenge, March, 2021

BRIEF “The Mushroom Duchy of Porcinia has been at war with The High Kingdom of Spora for almost a decade. His Majesty, Piedmont the IV of the White Truffle (a wise and enlightened ruler who desperately wants peace and a prosperous future for his people) has been trying to find a solution to the conflict for many years now, but without success. The two nations have unreconcilable ideological differences and nothing seems to put an end to this senseless warfare. But something has happened recently... queer rumors of unspeakable horrors have been circulating among mushrooms: strange ants (who have never been aggressive towards mushrooms before) have started to ferociously attack random merchant travelers at Spora's border... and eating them alive! The rangers of Porcinia have also witnessed this, and have described the ants as ''possessed''. Soon the spies of both nations learn the terrifying truth: Fungadar the Shroomancer, the evil mushroom sorcerer, has returned! With his dark arts, he can turn ants into mindless zombie-minions to do his bidding and destroy the world. Will the mushrooms overcome their differences to fight back their common foe?...”

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